About SSC CPAs + Advisors

— Our Mission —

SSC CPAs + Advisors is the Firm for exceptional professionals, who create value for our clients, propelling all to their highest level of success.

You know...we are business owners just like you.

Our business and our people have grown and changed to meet client needs in this constantly changing world. With foresight and a devotion to our team members, SSC became an employee-owned company in 1999. At SSC, our team members currently own 75% of the company and we aim to hit 100%.

We believe business owners worker harder, smarter and more creatively in ways that benefit others.  Since 1984, our name and faces have change, but our core commitment to clients has not wavered. We seek growth for our clients and our team members every day.

In 2021, we updated the names of our separate companies, (SSC Solutions, Inc., Summers, Spencer & Company, PA, SSC Wealth Management, LLC) to what you see today. Same fabulous team, with a cohesive brand that tells the story of what we are to our clients….SSC CPAs + Advisors.

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— Our Vision —

We envision a Firm of curious professionals with diverse experiences that allows us to generate over 25% of our revenue from advisory services, providing innovative solutions that meet our clients' evolving needs well into the future.

Brian Lang, CEO - Headshot
SSC Team members are experienced at helping business owners achieve their goals.

The expertise of our team is extensive. I invite business owners to reach out so that we can understand the challenges you are facing and we can be a strategic advisor to help you navigate your opportunities.

~ Brian Lang, CEO ~