Get a REAL financial plan for you, the business owner

Let us build your Blueprint for financial independence.

Treat your business like an investment

Maximize the value of your business

Know your path to financial independence

It's different when you sign the front of the paycheck

Over 85% of your personal net worth could be in your closely held business.
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You deserve a plan that incorporates and maximizes your business. Avoid:

Uncertainty about your financial future

A plan that doesn't fit your unique situation

Missing returns on your most valuable investment


Know that you have a REAL financial plan from someone who understands your business.


Investing in your business should generate a return.  That is our mission.


Bringing clarity to the complex in your plan for financial independence.

Business owners have unique financial planning needs that cannot be met through the traditional financial planning process

We will address all of the traditional elements of a financial plan but with the unique perspective of a business owner.

We will look at the returns on your business in concert with your investment portfolio.

We are intersecting your personal financial plan and your business growth plan to set you up for financial independence.

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What makes Blueprint by SSC different from other financial plans?

At SSC, we know you want to feel secure in the value of all of your investments, but especially the value of your business. In order to do that, you need to fully understand the drivers of value for your business and understand the ways that you can understand your business’ value today. We can help you understand that.

Blueprint by SSC, Financial Planning for Business Owners will provide you with the confidence to plan your financial independence. You deserve a plan that marries your personal financial plan with your business plan so that when you are ready for the next step, you know what step to take.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Complete an Interest Form.
  2. We’ll schedule a short call to discuss your needs.
  3. We’ll build a Blueprint for your business and personal financial plan.

So complete the interest form today!  So you can stop wondering how you will achieve financial independence and start knowing what you can do to make it happen.


How to Get Started:


We Connect

We’ll schedule a call to discuss your needs.


Follow the Blueprint by SSC

Know what your next steps are.

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