Financial Statements and Audits are the backbone of our service industry.

Compilations, reviews and audited statements provide the fundamental tools our clients need to manage their businesses and increase their profitability. Our approach  to auditing is management-oriented and meant to bring value through meaningful reporting and thorough explanation.

What Makes Us Different?

On the surface, it may appear that all certified public accounting firms function essentially the same way. But when you look beyond the surface, you'll find that Summers, Spencer & Company, P.A. is unique.

Summers, Spencer & Company, P.A. (SS&C)  performs only audit and attest services. The Firm has five offices which are located in Topeka, Lawrence, Shawnee, Salina and Meriden, Kansas. In addition to the firm’s physical locations we use secure private client portals that allow our clients a convenient means to share files with us and to exchange information electronically. This technology is similar to online banking or investment portals on the internet. Internet access through secure portals facilitates communication with our clients that maintain offices throughout the United States.

Good things often come in small packages.

We are able to provide quality, technically proficient service equal to that of the largest certified public accounting firms.

Our philosophy is to hire experienced personnel and not rely upon unqualified and inexperienced individuals. It is in the mutual interest of ourselves and our clients to demand an extremely high level of competency from our professionals.

Finally, we have structured our firm to allow us to maintain close contact with our clients and to meet frequently throughout the year on matters of importance.